Aston Villa badge: Club spend £80,000 to remove the word 'prepared' from crest

Aston Villa have been criticised by their own supporters after it was revealed they spent £80,000 on the redesign of the club badge.

Villa, who have won just three games all season, will be relegated this weekend if they record a worse result than Norwich City; the Midlands club are at home to Bournemouth on Saturday.

There had been reports that changes to the badge would cost the club £2million, but those reports are not true, state the club.

However, despite the relatively small fee – for a Premier League team at least – Villa did not escape criticism for announcing the change on the eve of potential relegation.

The changes are extremely subtle and have drawn considerable criticism.

The most obvious change is the removal of the word ‘Prepared’ prompting much humour given the state of unreadiness at Villa Park this season.

The only other really notable change is that the lion has become much more prominent on the badge, with the animal itself more “ferocity”.

It now has claws while the detail around the knees, mane and face are sharper.

A star to commemorate the 1982 European Cup win has also been moved slightly.


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