Arsene Wenger: This could be the easiest ever Premier League to win

The Arsenal manager reckons with so many candidates vying for the crown, no club is going to run away with it.

He also suggested new bosses Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola at title rivals Manchester United and Manchester City might need some time to make an impact.

Wenger, who insisted he understood why Gunners fans were getting restless following 12 years without winning the Premier League, said: “We have about eight or nine teams that can pretend like they have a chance to win it.

“Never before have we had that. But that can make it easier as well because it means that everyone can drop points.

“There cannot be just one team than just walks away and nobody can catch.

“The hope will be alive for everyone in the Premier League longer than ever. On that front, if you are consistent it could be easier.”

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