Arsene Wenger set to grill Mesut Ozil for admitting Arsenal ‘screwed up’

“With Danny I think it’s not physical, it’s mental,” added Wenger.

“He looks like he realised he has something to add to his game.

“Maybe he was frustrated as well to be out for the first time for a long, long period. It has loaded his mental determination.

“Before he looked not certain of his game when he came to his finishing. But now he looks much more assertive in his game.

“Danny has all the qualities you need in the modern game. He has pace and stature. If he adds that finishing quality, he has all you need. Mentally he looks ready for the challenge.

“I have seen it before, especially from players who have moved from the flanks to the middle. We have seen that with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang now at Dortmund, he was a very poor finisher on the flank, and we have seen it with Thierry Henry. Hopefully we will see it with Welbeck as well.”

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