Arsene Wenger opens up on transfers: Arsenal expected to sign £30m star within 24 hours

But, insisted Wenger: “It’s not necessarily the club who invest the most who are the champions. Leicester created a huge surprise.

“It was difficult to imagine five or 10 years ago that prices would go to this level, but that’s the consequence of the success of the Premier League. The price of a player normally depends on his talent, on his strengthening of the team, his age and resale value.

“We are in a system where we are in competition. If your opponent pays £40m, if you want the player you have to pay £45m.

“Manchester United are the richest club in the world along with Real Madrid. Not many people can compete with their finances but at the moment on the pitch we can compete. It’s not a financial competition, football is a performance competition. Leicester showed that.”

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