Arsene Wenger on Jamie Vardy rejection, Shkodran Mustafi deal and Thierry Henry criticism

“You could say that today in Europe you have two markets,” the 66-year-old added. “One for the English clubs and one for the rest of Europe.

“The danger of the English situation at the moment is that the English clubs can suffocate themselves in the long term. Why? Because they buy players at a very high price.

“That means there are very high wages linked with it and if they are wrong, they will have these players with high wages who cannot move anywhere else.

“You start the first period now of English clubs having to pay massive wages. Even when the players go out, they have to pay their wages. In the long term, that will mean that the financial advantage the English clubs have will drop because they will be on their wage list.

“They pay for 10 or 12 players who have gone somewhere else because the clubs they go to cannot pay their wages.”

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