Arsene Wenger for England job: FA willing to wait one year to hire Arsenal manager

“If you said, ‘This person is an absolute shoo-in, can you wait?’ then we are well-placed with an interim solution. Otherwise you might get a few interim solutions – a few managers to come and help.

“It is such an important decision. We have got to get the right person. To wait a few months, if that is what we had to do, would be the right decision.”

Southgate is in charge of the England Under-21 team and Glenn responded knowingly when asked if there was somebody who could step into the void if a decision is not made by September.

“We’d like to get one for the first World Cup qualifier [in Slovakia on September 4], but if we won’t we have an interim plan in mind,” Glenn said. “We are not talking about names today but it would be a pretty obvious one to pick.

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