Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger faces tactical dilemma if Jamie Vardy signs from Leicester

“I don’t think so, no,” he said. “I have gone to the European managers’ meeting for 20 years and we always have the same debate – ‘Maybe it’s the end of possession football’.

“We have Leicester here and Atletico Madrid so still it raises questions about football based only on efficiency. It shows that if it is done well it can be very successful.

But over a longer period still possession will dominate. And we have the type of players that if I say tomorrow we will only defend… with Mesut Ozil in the team, it would become difficult!”

Ironically, it is Ozil who could be the key to making this work. Arsenal, who since Jose Mourinho brought more regimented, defence-based football to the top of the Premier League, have struggled to pick their way delicately through packed defences protected by holding midfielders.


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