Alan Pardew: Me and Jurgen Klopp have this in common

“It’s simple, I don’t like losing at all”

Alan Pardew

Ahead of his meeting with Klopp at Selhurst Park today, he said: “It’s simple, I don’t like losing at all.

“It has got me into trouble but let’s not go there.

“Jurgen is the same as me. He is passionate about what he does and he does it in a certain style.

“I am very passionate about Palace and I do things in a certain style.

“It’s a reflection of our personalities, it’s not a made-up style.

“Jurgen’s emotional and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s a real character.

“The game reveals your character. You can’t mask it.

“It reveals I’m a winner. I don’t like losing. I get upset when I lose.

“My natural manner is to be disappointed and find a solution. That’s the way my brain works.”

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