90 DAYS OF SUNSHINE: Britain set for hottest summer in 40 YEARS as the mercury rockets

Temperatures were below-average between June and July with sunshine totals coming in at around average over the three-month period.

Netweather is predicting a warmer and drier than average start to June with early indications suggesting the same for July.

Spokesman Paul Michaelwaite said apart from the far north of Scotland much of the country will come under the influence of high pressure.

He said: “A drier and warmer than average start to Summer is currently expected for much of the UK.

“The model currently suggests that pressure will be above average across the British Isles, albeit with the strongest positive anomaly out west into the Atlantic.

“All regions are forecast to be warmer than normal, with just the northwest of Scotland bucking the drier trend to potentially see close to or slightly wetter than normal rainfall.

“There is a weak indication that the trend from June of higher than normal air pressure may continue [into July].

“That would lead to a drier than average month for much of England and Wales, but becoming increasingly wetter compared to average further northwest.

“Like June, temperatures are currently forecast to be warmer than normal.”

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